If you think the Middle Ages were boring and dark, you are wrong. Circa 800, Dorestad was a city that was bustling, swarming with people and merchants. It was on the Rhine, where Wijk bij Duurstede now lies. At the exhibition ‘Dorestad. Medieval Metropolis’, you can personally experience the heydays of Dorestad. You can walk through the decor of the city and harbour. You can see which people lived in this metropolis of the early Middle Ages and what they did.

Our Living History group Dorestad 825 is showing a household of the year 825 at the exhibition ‘Dorestad. Medieval Metropolis’. At The Dutch National Museum of Antiquities (Rijksmuseum van Oudheden) in Leiden, Holland.

On 4 days until 16:00 hrs: Sunday 18th, wednesday 21st, sunday 25th and wednesday 28th of october and november 1st.


Artists impression of Dorestad in the Middle-Ages, from a birds perspective.